Thermo-plasmonic neural interfaces - Kang Lab @ AEDRG

Thermo-plasmonic neural interfaces for transgene-free optical neuromodulation

Optical neural stimulation has become well established in neuroscience. Optogenetics is the most representative example. However, this technology requires genetic modification which can be a concern of long-term toxicity and stability in brain, and has limited applicability to human clinical trial. As an alternative method, various non-genetic biophysical mechanisms have been explored for the last decade. Photothermal stimulation using thermo-plasmonic effect of gold nanotransducers is a great example. Several neural engineers including Prof. Yoonkey Nam at KAIST have suggested gold nanoparticles can be an effective choice for successful neural stimulation when integrated near infrared light. Localized heat generation upon light illumination by thermo-plasmonic effect is understood to be able to control some of thermo-sensitive ion channels that are involved in action potential generation.

Dr. Kang introduced several biocompatible nanoparticle micro patterning technologies including inkjet printing to advance the photothermal neural stimulation technologies: (1) inkjet printing based thermo-plasmonic effect patterning for selective neuromodulation; (2) alternative gold nano materials for mass producible photothermal layer; (3) unique engineering applications based on the thermo-plasmonic effect (e.g. anti-counterfeiting application).

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