[Grant] 창의·도전연구 (NRF, Dr. Hong & Dr. Bissannagari) - Kang Lab @ AEDRG

[Grant] 창의·도전연구 (NRF, Dr. Hong & Dr. Bissannagari)

11th May 2022

Dr. Nari Hong and Dr. Murali Bissannagari in our lab have been awarded two 창의·도전연구 과제 from the National Research Foundation of Korea, a total of 280 million KRW over 1 year and 3 years, respectively.

  • Dr. Nari Hong, “Machine learning-based reconstruction of neuronal spikes with high temporal resolution,” 2022-2023
  • Dr. Murali Bissannagari, “Design and development of Magnetorheological elastomer hardness assisted non-contact touch sensors,” 2022-2025

Congratulations to both of them for their first PI funding!