[Journal] Inkjet-printed nanoparticle work is published. - Kang Lab @ AEDRG

[Journal] Inkjet-printed nanoparticle work is published.

31st August 2022

Our recent study on understanding how inkjet printed nanoparticles are formed within the drying sessile printed droplets was published in the Journal of Flexible and Printed Electronics (유연인쇄전자학술지) on August 31st, 2022. This work was led by Prof. Hongki Kang. Congratulations!

Title: The Effect of Electrostatic Force between the Nanoparticles and the Substrate on the Uniform Assembly of Inkjet-Printed Nanoparticles


Abstract: Inkjet-printed functional nanoparticles are actively used in various engineering applications, including bioelectronic and chemical sensors. To maximize the functionalities of the nanoparticles, the printed nanoparticles must be uniformly assembled within the printed micro patterns. However, controlling the movement of the nanoparticles is challenging as it involves multiple mechanisms that play important roles. In this work, we propose an experimental methodology to independently vary the surface charge polarities of the nanoparticles and the printing substrates. We used this method to study the effect of the electrostatic forces between the nanoparticles and the substrate on the uniform assembly of the inkjet-printed nanoparticles during the drying of the inks. We confirmed that the attractive electrostatic force between the two is crucial in uniformly distributing the nanoparticles.