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[Journal] Thermoelectric transparent temperature sensor work is published.

18th October 2022

Our recent research efforts on developing high-speed transparent temperature sensors using the thermoelectric effect of the biocompatible polymer have been online published in Materials Horizons (IF: 15.717, top 6.522% journal in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary) on October 18th, 2022. This work was led by Junhee Lee and Dr. Nari Hong and was a collaboration with FlexLab @ KIST (PI: Dr. Seungjun Chung) and SNU.


Title: High temporal resolution transparent thermoelectric temperature sensors for photothermal effect sensing


Abstract: In this work, we propose inkjet-printed high-speed and transparent temperature sensors based on the thermoelectric effect for direct monitoring the photothermal effect. They consist of highly transparent organic thermoelectric materials that allow excellent biocompatibility and sub-msec temporal resolution, simultaneously. Our transparent thermoelectric temperature sensors can be used to advance various photothermal biomedical applications.