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    New students joined our lab and our research group (Advanced Electronic Device Research Group) in this Spring semester! Welcome!

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    A new research work on computational analysis of neural engineering work has been published in Electronics journal.

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    A new research work on neural interface has been published in ACS Nano journal.

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  • New Research Grants (HRHR)

    Inkjet printing, Carbon nanotube FETs, Biosensors, Low-noise electronics, More than Moore

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    Flexible Bioelectronics, Neuroscience, More than Moore

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  • Kang Research Laboratory

    A part of DGIST device group (ADERG) in the Dept. of Information & Communication Engineering (ICE) at DGIST

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    A.I. + Brain

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  • Thermo-plasmonic neural interface

    Neural Engineering Research

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  • Functional nanomaterial printing

    Printing based micro/nanofabrication

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  • Flexible Electronics

    Printed flexible devices and circuits

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  • Publications

    Research in Microelectronics and Neural Engineering

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Kang Lab in AEDRG at DGIST ICE

Kang Lab is a research group in the Department of Information and Communication Engineering at DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology), South Korea. We are committed to work on engineering problems at the interface of Microelectronics and Bioelectronics/Biomedical engineering with the hope that various health-related challenges can be overcome with new technologies. 

We are particularly interested in the following research areas: (1) Novel bioelectronic devices for more efficient bio-related signal recording/monitoring; (2) New neural engineering technologies for less invasive bio-signal modulation; (3) Functional nanomaterial microfabrication (e.g., printing) for new bioengineering applications; (4) Machine learning based large bio-signal data analysis; (5) Neuromorphic devices that closely mimic the characteristics of neuronal cells and neuronal networks.

We are a part of Advanced Electronic Device Research Group (AEDRG) at DGIST ICE (Department of Information and Communication Engineering).

Selected publications

On the right, there are several selected publications that highlight our previous research efforts in both Electronics & Neural engineering.

For full contributions in the area of flexible, printed electronics, bioelectronics, neural engineering, please visit Publications pages (Journal, Conferences, Books and Patents).

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Inkjet-Printed Biofunctional Thermo-Plasmonic Interfaces for Patterned Neuromodulation

Hongki Kang, Gu-Haeng Lee, Hyunjun Jung, Jee Woong Lee and Yoonkey Nam

Thermo-Plasmonic Gold Nanofilm for Simple and Mass-Producible Photothermal Neural Interfaces

Jee Woong Lee‡, Hongki Kang‡, and Yoonkey Nam

Inkjet-Printed Multi-Wavelength Thermo-Plasmonic Images for Anti-Counterfeiting Applications

Hongki Kang, Jee Woong Lee, and Yoonkey Nam

Hydrostatic Optimization of Inkjet-Printed Films

Hongki Kang, Dan Soltman, and Vivek Subramanian

Measurement, analysis, and modeling of 1/f noise in pentacene TFTs

Hongki Kang, Lakshmi Jagannathan, and Vivek Subramanian

High-performance printed transistors realized using femtoliter gravure-printed Sub-10μm metallic nanoparticle patterns and highly uniform polymer dielectric and semiconductor layers

Hongki Kang, Rungrot Kitsomboonloha, Jaewon Jang, and Vivek Subramanian

Megahertz-class printed high mobility organic thin-film transistors and inverters on plastic using attoliter-scale high-speed gravure-printed sub-5 μm gate electrodes

Hongki Kang, Rungrot Kitsomboonloha, Kurt Ulmer, Lisa Stecker, Gerd Grau, Jaewon Jang and Vivek Subramanian

Thermoplasmonic Optical Fiber for Localized Neural Stimulation

Hongki Kang, Woongki Hong, Yujin An, Sangjin Yoo, Hyuk-Jun Kwon, Yoonkey Nam
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