Kang Lab in AEDRG at DGIST ICE

Building upon the previous research experiences in microelectronics/microfabrication, and neural engineering, we are broadly interested in working on the following three research areas below (but not limited to). Here are some questions we would like to keep asking ourselves along the journey.

  • How should we apply novel microelectronics, microfabrication processes for innovative way to achieve bio-related signals?
  • How can new functional materials be benefited when integrated with advanced microfabrication processes?
  • How well can we analyze obtained bio-signals using advanced computing power in order to understand cells or our bodies?

For more details on our previous research, please visit our Previous Research or Publication pages.

Low-noise Flexible Bio-electronics

Transistors, Sensors, Bioengineering & Bioelectronics applications

Neural interfaces

Neuromodulation, Neural recording, Bio-functional nanomaterials

Functional nanomaterial precision printing

Inkjet printing based nanomaterial microfabrication for bioengineering, low-cost sensor applications

Machine learning based bio-signal analysis

We learn about brain using machine.
Machine evolves learning brain.