[Conference] Conference presentations at KCS 2023 (한국반도체학술대회) - Kang Lab @ AEDRG

[Conference] Conference presentations at KCS 2023 (한국반도체학술대회)

14th February 2023

Several of our lab members will participate the 30th Korean Conference on Semiconductor (제30회 한국반도체학술대회) as an invited talk, an oral presentation and several poster presentations. Congratulations!

  • Invited talk: Hongki Kang, “Transparent Bioelectronic Devices towards Multifunctional Electro-Optical Neural Interfaces.”
  • Oral presentation: Minhye Shin, Soohyun Park, Yoonhee Lee, and Hongki Kang, “A Wafer-scale Fabrication of Single CNT-bridged Field Effect Transistor Arrays with an Inkjet Printing Method for Biosensor Applications.”
  • Poster presentations
    • Jungha Lee and Hongki Kang, “Optimization of the Offset Ratio in a-IGZO TFTs with Drain Offset Structure for High-Voltage Electronics Applications.”
    • Kriti Dwivedi, Nari Hong, and Hongki Kang, “Python-Based Neural Spike Detection and Validation Algorithm.”
    • Duhee Kim, Murali Bissannagari, and Hongki Kang, “Polymer Seed Layer Induced Flexible and Transparent Electrocorticography (ECoG) Array for Bio-signal Sensing.”

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