[Conference] Conference Presentations at KFPE 2023 - Kang Lab @ AEDRG

[Conference] Conference Presentations at KFPE 2023

Yeosu Venezia Hotel & Resort
27th April 2023

Our members participated in the Korea Flexible & Printed Electronics (KFPE) 2023 conference as an invited talk, an oral presentation, and a few poster presentations. Congratulations!

  • Invited talk: Hongki Kang, “Transparent temperature sensors for bioelectronics applications.”
  • Oral Presentation: Nari Hong, “Thermoplasmonics-based neural interface chip for controlling the structure and function of neuronal networks.”
  • Poster Presentation: 
    • Duhee Kim, Boil Kim, and Hongki Kang, “Multi-functional platform of flexible, transparent bio-signal recording electrode with photothermal induced drug releasing.”
    • Shin Minhye, Park Soohyeon, Park Beomsoo, Lee  Yoonhee, Kang Hongki, “Inkjet-printed Single Carbon Nanotubes bridged Field-Effect Transistor arrays for Biosensor applications.”

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